HappyNap is the only bed that is truly and easily washable.

There is no need to remove the cover to wash the bed and it is best to remove it as infrequently as possible. We recommend spraying the bed on both sides with a sanitising and degreasing detergent, leaving it to work for three minutes and rinsing with a simple jet of water or a high-pressure cleaner. Dry the bed by flapping it and wiping the surface with a dry cloth or by simply leaning it against a wall and letting it drip dry. This will take just a few minutes. If you prefer to remove the covers to wash them separately, proceed in the same way, handling them gently.

To reposition the sheets of Sinflair inside the cover

proceed as follows:


couple the clean sheets of Sinflair in the correct position, the leather side must not come into contact with the other sheet.



bring the two long sides of the sheets together to form a kind of tube.




insert this tube all the way into the cover.




release the tube and the sheets will open out, adopting the correct position.