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The beds consist of mattresses made of a strong and resistant perforated PVC mesh lining, which can be opened on one side with Velcro, and a layer of filling in thickness of 5 cm – 9 cm – 13 cm, depending on the size, weight and personal preferences of your dog.
Available in three sizes: 60 x 45, 90 x 60 and 120×70 cm.

We suggest that you base your choice on the following indications:

  • 46cm X 60cm
    for toy or small dogs weighing up to 10 kg
  • 90cm X 60cm
    for medium-sized dogs weighing up to 30 kg
  • 120cm X 70cm
    for large dogs over 30kg

The three different thicknesses are obtained by coupling multiple layers of Sinflair.

The thicker layer provides extra comfort for heavier dogs. However, some dogs do not like lying on high beds, so the choice must also be based on individual preferences.
The thickness can be altered over time by adding more sheets of Sinflair to your dog’s bed to meet his changing needs as he ages.

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