The structure

The Sinflair structure is made of thermoplastic polymer monofilaments, extruded and heat welded at the contact points, forming a three-dimensional mat with a high vacuum index. This means that the volume of the product consists of up to and over 90-95% air.

The remaining volume is taken up by the raw material, which consists of widely spaced large-diameter filaments (approx. 1 mm), responsible for supporting the load applied, ensuring comfortable deformation and maximum air circulation.


Conventional materials for filling cushions, mattresses, armchairs, sofas, car seats, pushchairs, prams, baby changing mats, nautical and camping cushions, medical and orthopaedic mattresses and many other applications in which the filling is exposed to the entry of water, humidity or, more critically, body fluids, consist of fibres or microcells with outstanding capacity for water retention and difficulty in freely circulating the air that fills their volume.

Sinflair not only solves these problems in the quickest, simplest and cheapest way, it also allows the construction of beds tailored to the dog’s body mass, optimising deformation under load and continuous breathability. The bed can be easily washed with a jet of water or with a high-pressure washer without removing the cover, and can also be sprayed with degreasing detergent to easily remove all particles; it dries instantly with a flow of air or simply by flapping it, as its chemical composition is totally water repellent.
Multilayer beds can also be made, to obtain the required thickness. Different density layers are combined to obtain different levels of “softness” of the support, including the overlaps and exposed faces of each layer.

Sinflair is non-toxic, does not rot and is completely insensitive to both acid and basic environments. It is 100% recyclable.